Β Event coverage from Euro Hangar 2014 by Eric Piggot.


Euro Hangar has hit its third year and continues to grow in size and notoriety.
As always Euro Hangar consists of two parts, a get together in parking structure the night before, and the main show held on the airport grounds with both drawing a large crowd.


audi a4 bagged orange wrapped
The Friday night get together is held in downtown Holland Michigan where the two story parking garage is swarmed with cars of all types. With dozens of local shops and even a few local breweries within walking distance, Β this spot allows the people coming into town to experience the town as well as the town to get a taste of the show that will happen the following day.The next morning well over 400 European cars descended on the sleepy airport on the north side of Holland. Cars from all over were in attendance including as far as New York, Canada, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Kentucky.
Euro Hangar has also become the new home for the Corrado Rush, which is an annual meet-up for Corrado owners.


The center piece of the show is the hangar, weeks before the show owners submit photos of their cars and they are put up to be voted on by the public. The five cars with the most votes get to claim a coveted spot inside the hangar.

This year the top 20 cars were cars were voted on by everyone who registered for the show. After the votes had been tallied instead of waiting to the end of the show to announce who won and trying to remember a car to a face, the top 20 cars were lined up in the center of the show a few hours before the end so that people would have a chance to see what cars were chosen. There were also special awards given to categories such as Best Air setup, Lowest Static, and Best of Show.

With another year in the books Euro Hangar seems to putting together something good, connecting the community and the show with the goal to make everyone happy while still having a good time. If you haven’t considered this show before, you might wanna look out for this show next season .

mint teal volkswagen mk1 rabbit
clean VW scirocco green
slammed mk3 cabrio on ccw wheels
bagged mk5 gti on 3sdm wheels
yellow ferarri 360 nimbus grey audi tt
low bmw wagon alpine white
euro hangar 2014
euro hangar 2012
euro hangar 2014
bmw cafe racer bikes
tdi wagon towing an air cooled bug
vw tdi wagon towing an air cooled vw bug beetle
bagged mk3 cabirolet on ccw wheels
porsche gt3 red
white mk3 vw on bbs rm wheels
orange mk5 gti bagged on rotiform roc
black mk5 gti with teal wheels
chop top vw bug teal
airbag setup in audi tt hardlines
aircooled vw beetles euro hangar 2014
bagged jetta mk4 on big lipped bbs rs
euro truck on mk4 jetta silver
Audi TT with 3pc wheels bagged
ginster yellow mk3 vw gti on porsche wheels
bagged mk4 jetta white miro wheels
bagged vw passat CC Bentley wheels
black bmw m3 euro tails
blue wrapped audi a4 b7
bmw race car euro hangar
green mk2 gti on bbs rs rm duak round headlights
black bagged passat with bike rack
bagged b6 audi a4 on gold rotiform wheels
bagged audi b6 a4 on gold rotiform wheels
blue bmw m3 on ac schnitzer wheels
yellow ferarri 360 lowered flat black wheels
black passat on gold flat faced wheels
rusted mk3 gti on esm wheels
red stock bmw m3 clean
silver coraddo on beetle wheels
yellow coraddo SLC
green bmw e30 alpina wheels
red bmw e30 with rusted hood
teal mk1 gti rabbit vw
jetta front end on a mk3 white gti
blue wrapped mk3 vr6
silver mk5 vw on paint splatter corvette wheels
purple e36 m3 clean low
leggo truck setup in mk4 vw air bags bagged
red e30 on gold mesh wheels
bagged orange wrapped audi a4 with black wheels
blue r32 on chrome bentley wheels
baja bug euro hangar 2014
white bmw wagon on teal wheels
bagged audi s8 on bbs ch wheels
classic mercedes benz slammed chrome wheels bagged
old school lotus euro hangar
green mk3 vw with paisley print hood
yellow bmw m3 coupe with deep lipped 3-piece wheels livery
burgundy porsche 911 964 on gold bbs mesh race wheels