This February 2014 marked the second installment of Euro Tripper event held in Fort Meyers, Florida.

The event organized by Paul Barney and assist by local euro enthusiasts,

This event is proving to be a must attend on the early South Florida show calendar.

The event also helps to raise funds for a local charity the Brroks Legacy Animal Rescue, and this years event was successful in raising a significant donation to the cause.

On top of this, it’s also a great place to go for advice on anything car-related. People there are happy to help you with anything whether it’s finding the best auto insurance for young adults, giving advice on buying your own Euro car, or where to buy custom detailing.

Tentative dates have already been set for February 6-7th, so if you are in the area or able to make the trip be sure to consider adding this one to your schedule.

For more info visit their website here.

Photos thanks to Jacob Tompkins


black bmw sedan 528

vw golf harlequin 4 door


white bmw m3 3e6 tracer tech wheels

dapper e36 bmw tracer tech wheels

accuair trunk setup polished tank hard lines

diamond stitch vw aircooled

euro tripper 2014

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