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klutch wheels sl1 silver

The Klutch Wheels SL1 are available in 15 inch and 16inch sizes. Bolt patterns are available in 4×100 / 5×100 / 4×114 / 5×114 and the widths range from 8-9″

The current sizes are:

15×8.5 / 4×100 with a 3.5″ lip
16×8.0 / 4×100, 5×100, 4×114.3, 5×114 with a 3.5″ lip
16×9.0 / 4×100, 5×100, 4×114.3, 5×114 with a 4.0″ lip

For more info on Klutch SL1 and prices, please visit our store HERE.

You can also text your questions to 518.882.TEXT for fast response right to your phone.

This gallery will be updated with images of all cars fitted with the SL1. if you do not see your car here please contact us and we will do our best to send you examples. info@klutchrepublik.com

All orders for a full set of Klutch SL1 Wheels will receive FREE SHIPPING and $100.00 credit to use toward a clothing purchase from our wearables section


klutch-wheels-sl1-vw-mk3-jetta klutch-wheels-sl1-acura-integra klutch-wheels-sl1-vw-polo klutch-wheels-sl1-red-honda-civic klutch-wheels-sl1-nissan-s13 klutch-wheels-sl1-mk2-volkswagen-gti klutch-wheels-sl1-mk1-gti klutch-wheels-sl1-mini-cooper-black klutch-wheels-sl1-mini-cooper klutch-wheels-sl1-miata-mazda klutch-wheels-sl1-mazda-miata klutch-wheels-sl1-integra-acura klutch-wheels-sl1-integra klutch-wheels-sl1-honda-civic-turbo klutch-wheels-sl1-honda-civic-ek klutch-wheels-sl1-honda civic-hatch klutch-wheels-sl1-bmw-325-318 klutch-wheels-sl1-acura-integra-white klutch-wheels-sl1-acura-integra-coupe klutch-wheels-sl1-acura-integra-black


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February 28, 2015

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